Madrona Labs Soundplane

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"2nd Batch Soundplane from Madrona Labs, Serialno. in the 30s."

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  • "Madrona Labs will demonstrate the Soundplane at this year’s Decibel Festival, Sept. 28-30 in SeattleThe new Soundplane instrument from Madrona Labs, three years in the making, will be demonstrated live at this year's Decibel Festival in Seattle. The Soundplane gives performers intimate control over computer-made sounds. The Soundplane detects a wide range of pressure on its hardwood surface,

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    "Madrona Labs Soundplane Model A for sale... The Soundplane has almost limitless potential because its a Multi Touch interface or also called a polyphonic multi-dimensional controller. It uses midi through USB and OSC. You can play hardware synths or virtual synths in 3 dimensions. Go to Madrona Labs to learn more.

    I think there have only been 100 of these made, its original

  • Published on Sep 27, 2014 matrixsynth

    Madrona Labs Aalto & Soundplane.

    Apologies for the super short clip on this one. Took this one from the side and the event wrapped up before I could capture a proper demo. I thought it was worth posting for historical purposes and to remind people out there about the Soundplane and Aalto, but great products from Madrona Labs. It's worth noting Madrona

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