Macro Machines Omnimod Storage Strip with Intellijel Shapesh

Published on Jan 12, 2018 Outsider Sound Design

"Testing the Macro Machines Omnimod & Storage Strip with Intellijel Shapeshifter.
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  • Published on Nov 14, 2015 Macro Machines

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    "limited edition preorder ships early 2016
    Macro Machines presents an incredibly versatile new addition in the world of eurorack modules. The Omnimod will make a powerful new ally in your adventures through the universe of sound. Omni means all, and mod stands for modulation of control voltage.

    Create unique new combinations of

  • Swarm from Joseph Fraioli on Vimeo.

    "A simple patch using the Macro Machines Storage Strip along with the Mungo d0 to create a swarm of metallic micro percussion.

    Sound Sources:
    Micro Percussion - The Harvestman Piston Honda MKII > Mungo d0 with the Macro Machines Storage Strip. Storage Strip contains 16 delay presets which are stepped through via the SSF Ultra Random Analog random pulse

  • via Richard Devine on Facebook

    "Let the games begin Macro Machines storage strip is here!"

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