Live Drone Simulation With Drums

Published on Mar 12, 2018 NoizeHack

"Drone with a Moog MF-101 Filter as oscillator ring modulated by MF-102 and MF-104M Delay. Jekyll & Hyde Filter with MBase 11 Kick through the Jekyll and Trogotronic noise box and Mother 32 Snares through the Hyde. Mixed with a CP-251 and smashed with an Overstayer FET compressor for no dynamic range. Sequenced with two SQ-1s. Lots of high frequency grating

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    "Here's a short video of Dr. Jekyll & Mr.Hyde dual nature generator.
    Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde is a generator suffering from dissociative identity disorder.
    Is constituted by two distinct mixable circuit voices.
    Jekyll has a warm voice, firm and comforting as opposed to Hyde, harsh, noisy, and sometimes unpredictable.
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    "Kinetik Lab's Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde is a double personality drone creator: the soft three oscillators mildly filtered are crossfaded with the wicked three cross modulated square oscillators. Good and Evil, Light and Darkness. A pretty little instrument for drone performing; reverb courtesy of TC Electronic Hall Of Fame."

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    "Dr.J&Mr.H is getting the Dao treatment (and delayed by TC Electronic Flashback).

    Dr.Jekyll & Mr.Hyde is a sound generator formed by two distinct mixable circuit voices, the Jekyll's one is warm, firm and comforting, the other is harsh, noisy and sometimes unpredictable: the Hyde side.
    Each voice has three oscillators with respecting FREQUENCY

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