Let's Play with FM Player and developer Matthew Fecher

Published on Dec 15, 2017 Tim Webb

"Just last week Matthew Fecher and the AudioKit team released FM Player, an entirely free (no Ads, no IAPs) app that lets you play with a bunch of classic Yamaha DX7 patches. Matthew happened to be in town, so I invited him to come join me for this Let's Play! As a bonus he brought along the DX7II he used to make the app with! If you've enjoyed this series

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  • maureen_sill posted a photo:


    matthew of the fiery furnaces is the sweetest musician ever
    he takes my picture on a disposable camera, he talks to me before the show, they play amazingingly well, i'm happy to have been there

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  • me and my friends have started a little band thing and we want to be sort of womats-inspired so i would like to know what synthesizer matthew murphy uses or one similar which can produce those sounds, thanks!

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