Lep Multicassa Eurorack Modular Prototype

Published on Apr 18, 2014 FunkyjunkItaly·35 videos

"Lep Multicassa is an eurorack polyrhythmic drum module that includes 4 kik drum busses and 2x clock dividers."

via Killing Toys aka Funkyjunk on Facebook.

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    "All Analog . Very Cool Synth . The Multi Cassa Desktop consists of three drum sound generators and four clock dividers which sequence the drum sounds. It can be clocked internally or from an external input to sync it with other synthesizers or clocks. Each sound can be triggered from two of the internal clock dividers simultaneously with their own individual velocities. A mix/

  • Published on May 7, 2015 Guy Schneerson

    "My new MultiCassa Drum machine meets my Microbrute in an ambient Jam session.

    The Multi Cassa is an amazingly original Grove box that produces organic rhythms using 3 analog oscillators with frequency, resonance and distortion, 4 clock dividers with each oscillator having a mixer for two of the clock dividers.

    The Microbrute goes through lots of effect

  • via Killing Toys on Facebook

    "Nuve Casse dai laboratori LEP di Milano

    video previously posted here.

    "The CASSE in an electronic euro rack module for create percussion sound an special efx.
    Created by LEP laboratories , the CASSE module take inspiration from the cassa of leploop synth.
    CASSE is a combination of two modules CASSA with different pitch

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