Kurzweil Midiboard

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"This is the gold standard of midi controllers, built like a tank with 88 heavy weighted piano action keys, polyphonic aftertouch and just about anything else you could want in a midi controller (except lightness this is built like a tank and weighs about as much)

Some of the program buttons require a bit of pushing to engage but all function. Has latest version 3 os"

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    "Kurzweil Midiboard in very good condition. Grand piano weighted, 88 all wood keys. Everything works, all keys, buttons, knobs, slidders. This is the "made in Japan" model with the superior keybed. Includes owners manual."

    These have polyphonic aftertouch.

  • So I've wanted my own digital piano for a yearn now, when I first bought Muse's Absolution. Since then, I've been playing and practicing every time I go to my friends house on his family's acoustic piano. I own a keyboard that has really bad settings and is non weighted. The lack of weight makes it impossible for me to get motivated to play/write with it.

    I recently listened to Kid A by radiohead and thought it was the best thing ever accomplished by electronic music. So, I now want a synthesizer kinda keyboard rather than just a digital piano. But all the affordable ones that I've looked at were non weighted.

    I've looked at MIDI controllers, and was excited because of the weighted keys. Do I have other options? I'm sorry, I don't know much about keyboards, as far as gear I really only know a lot about bass guitar gear, so give as much additional detail as you can (I'm a noobie.) Can I get something with halfway decent synthesizers and piano settings with semi weighted keys for under 750$? Willing to shop used, but please tell me the specific model name. I'm not looking for a Moog or anything amazing, just something that sounds halfway decent and has weighted keys. If it can not be done, I'll have to save up and sell some stuff, just let me know if it's practically impossible. Thanks!!

  • E-MU Systems has started shipping the Xboard 61 USB/MIDI Controller for PC and Mac operating systems, featuring 61 full-size keys with aftertouch, 16 programmable real-time control knobs, 16 new patch select/program change buttons, Xboard Control editing software, and a full version of E-MU's Proteus X Version 1.5 Desktop Sound Module.

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