KORG USA to Exclusively Distribute Waldorf Gear in the US

Thought this was interesting. If you are caught up with this morning's posts you might recall KORG is distributing Reon products in the UK. It appears they are also going to be the exclusive distributor for Waldorf in the US.

This one is in via Soviet Space Child, who spotted it on Music & Sound Retailer.

"Korg USA Inc. is now be the exclusive distributor for Waldorf Music. The new

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  • we are the exclusive usa distributor of doepfer modular synths, midi controllers, and d.i.y. products, as well as a host of small hand crafted electronic gear from around the world. These include the mind wretching numbness of the USA Metasonix line, the

  • via this auction.This one came in on the Waldorf list. Dr. Georg Müller had the following to say:"I think it is the first Demo CD Waldorf was releasing, before they only had Music Cassettes. Back in that time the Music for the Demos was more Rock/Pop than in the later years. There is no release date on the CD, but it has to be around 1996.4 Songs on the CD1. Planet Wave by Peter Gorges (

  • Andrea Milana posted a photo:

    Waldorf Microwave XTK, Korg Electribe ES-1

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