Korg SQ-1 with Banana Jacks

Via Auxren, where you'll find details on how to do this.

"After building my Buchla system and now my 73-75 Serge panels, I've been looking for a means to sequence the banana-laden synthesizers. After eyeing my SQ-1 sitting on the shelf, I decided to test out the voltages and see what is happening. To my pleasant surprise, the gate outputs on the SQ-1 are hot enough to trigger all my different

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  • via this auctionDetails"The MOTM-940 is used to interface between the MOTM system and other synthesizers or audio equipment that uses 3.5mm or banana jacks, so you can integrate voltage and audio signals from modular synths(such as Buchla, Serge, Modcan, and Wiard) or other instruments that don’t use 1/4-inch cords. Although in a 2U x 5U sized panel, the MOTM-940 can be integrated into any

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    Touchable Banana Jacks


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    Banana Patch Cables

    I'm planning on building a little suitcase noise synth. I know that I'll want to start making noise as soon as I finish modules. So in preparation, I've assembled a fist full of cloth-covered banana patch cables. This batch ranges in size from 6in. to 24in.

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