Korg Polysix Vintage Analog Synthesizer w/ MIDI SN 385503

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"It is in superb shape for it's age and has none of the issues commonly found on ailing/unkempt P6s; the CPU board has a replacement coin battery holder with no leak prior battery leak damage. All the voices sound vibrant and full. This synth also has a CHD MIDI kit installed for playing the Polysix from an outside MIDI source (Ableton, external sequencer, etc). All of the

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  • Title link takes you to shots via this auction.Note this one suffered from the infamous batter leak. If you have a Polysix and have not checked out the battery, do so. You can read more about the fix here.

  • via this auction"Korg Polysix, 6 voice analog synthesizer. Poor mans Prophet 5 as they say. In my opinion (with a midi kit) even better than Juno 60. Has been serviced, power supply rebuild and calibrated, the battery board had a small leak from the old battery, was taken out, cleaned( washed out the whole board) repaired, new lithium battery installed, reloaded with the factory programs.

  • Im trying to fix a synthesizer/ keyboard which has a dead battery (used to hold patch memory). I couldn't find a battery holder for a coin cell battery, so I tried using two AAs instead, but it still says "check battery" when I power it on. Should I try a coin cell? Will it make a difference, or is there something else wrong? The synth I'm trying to fix is a Roland Alpha Juno 1.

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