Korg MS20 | Science Fiction

Published on Feb 13, 2018 Alex Ball

You need to be careful triggering that secret patch setting at :22 in.

"I've been after a classic 70s synth for a while and kept returning to the sound of the Korg MS20. This synth has been through various versions and reissues, but this is the original from 1978 (with the type 35 filter for the nerds). I couldn't believe my luck when one came up for sale

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  • I am looking to get a synthesizer, and I am looking at these two. With the original Korg ms20, you can find some sweet deals on. Not so much with the mini. Now, is there a difference between a Korg ms20 and a ms20 mini that would influence the choice between the two? Does one sound better than the other? Does the mini have a better saw synth sound? It would be my first synth that I own, but far from first experience. I don't have all of the money in the world.

  • This one via Rich 1. "It was one featured on a BBC programme featuring Soulwax's studio"To give you an idea of how giant this MS20 is, those are full size keys. Also see these two posts:My Synth is Bigger Than Your SynthKORG MS20 Educational Edition and Das Synthesizer HandbookI beleive there is also a Japanese instructional video out there featuring this giant MS20, but I couldn't find it

  • A few links cropped up on AH today regarding the Korg MS20 filter: MS20study.pdf (2.25M) by Tim Stinchcombe. Tim actually spent quite a bit of time studying the Korg MS10/MS20 filters and just made this 46 page pdf available on the list today.RMC posted a link to his contribution - pdfs and gifs of the schematic and trace. I noticed that RMC referred to the filter as the KORG35. I never

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