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Published on Mar 13, 2018 GEOSynths

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So, here we are, the final batch of patches for the Korg KingKorg are completed. I've had lots of fun and a few frustrations making them, but overall it's a great sounding Synth."

All parts here.

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  • Published on Mar 9, 2018 GEOSynths

    "3rd batch of patches for the Korg KingKorg Set...Just one more to go and they will be released! I sometimes have to stop myself with making Pads and Evolving ones in particular, as it's so good at doing them. Damn fine Synth if you ask me."

    All parts here.

  • Published on Feb 27, 2018 GEOSynths

    "Now set up in my new Studio and recently picked up a KingKorg and thought i'd do some patches on it. For a purely Digital Synth or software in a box, it's a surprisingly good Synth.

    Had to use 2 Unison voices for most things to get some "width" but it handles it really well. Anyway, I'm doing a full Bank of patches for it...here are the first 25 which are

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    "2nd Batch of patches for the Korg KingKorg and I have to say, i'm really impressed with the Sound Engine on this and using the FX as part of the sound...not just an add-on."

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