KORG Introduces the ARP ODYSSEY FSQ - Full Size Odyssey Bundled with Orange & Black SQ-1

Note these are the full size KORG ARP Odysseys announced last year. There are only a limited number left and they will be bundled with a custom black & orange themed SQ-1 - no custom white or black & gold SQ-1s. Details follow.

"A limited-edition bundle that includes a full-size ARP ODYSSEY and a KORG SQ-1.

The ARP ODYSSEY FS went on sale in 2017 as a reissue of the original ARP Odyssey. With

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  • ARP ODYSSEY FS | The Legend Returns with Full Size

    Published on Jan 11, 2017 ARP

    Previously seen here, the full sized KORG ARP Odyssey is officially announced.

    "The full-size ARP Odyssey is back in more ways than one! This limited edition series is a true 1:1 recreation of the legend, proudly assembled in the USA, where the ARP story began.

    Like the ARP ODYSSEY series that relaunched the

  • Title link takes you to shots pulled via this auction.Details:"Identical to the white faced models, with the same power switch, but has a black and gold face. Later Mark Is were made with the black and gold color scheme, and some may also have the CV/Gate/Trigger interface jacks installed (ARP mod kit #6800101."It's listed as an MK1. Can anyone confirm this was the same as the White Odyssey?

  • Title link takes you to shots pulled via this auction.Details:"Odyssey III (Models 2810-2823) produced from 1976-81 and featuring the new Model 4075 filter design. The rest of its specifications are virtually identical to the Odyssey II except that the overall look and quality are further updated to match the look of the latest ARP synths with the orange & black color-scheme."

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