Kicking into 2018 - Moog System 55, Ben Crook, Novation Peak, Elektron Digitakt and Toys Toys Toys

Published on Jan 6, 2018 Ehsan Gelsi

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    Use your mouse to grab and drag the video around.

    The Right Place feat. Ben Crook by Ehsan Gelsi / Ben Crook

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    A Spring Set - Elektron Digitakt, Novation Peak, Circuit, Mono Station, Pittsburgh Modular & Stuff
    Techno - Elektron Digitakt, Novation Peak, Circuit, Mono Station
    How? Setup & Set Layout With Digitakt, Peak & Circuits
    New Tunes Jam Thru - Novation Peak, Elektron Digitakt, Novation Circuit, Circuit Mono Station
    P -

  • Looks like the Techno Toys suite is now free! Techno Toys was one of the first things I ever downloaded off the net. It has lived through Windows 95, 98, and now XP. It is the only software I have transfered and continue to use to this day. If you haven't tried them, just do it. Loads of fun. Pictured is the XG-909, SEQ-303, and ARP-X8. The ARP-X8 reminds me of an easy to use Oberheim

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