JoMox XBase 09 Analog Drum Synthesizer SN SN 0116 - 1957

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"Word of warning; you must first prepare to melt your speakers with the outlandishly raw kick drum. The kick and snare are both analog and have many tunable parameters that can all be automated. Along with the rest of the digital percussion and parameters, this is a fun, TR-909 like box to program on the fly."

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  • images via this auction"XBase09 Instrument Features:* The sound generation of the Bass Drum is completely true analog, being realized with true discreet circuitry. The number of its parameters (tuning, decay, etc.) and the amount you can vary the parameters exceeds those on vintage drum machines. The XBase09 can provide kick drums ranging from very extreme, hard and punchy kicks, to pure 808-

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    "Check out great deals on JoMoX XBASE 999 at Nova Musik:

    Available as a Producer Edition in addition to the regular version, JoMoX XBASE 999 is a drum machine with nine instruments, four of which are fully analog discrete circuits: the kick drum, the snare drum and the high and low toms. The kick and snare sound and

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    "The XBASE 999 Analog drum machine combines the ultimate vintage 808 / 909 sound with a modern, intuitive interface for both studio and live requirements.


    9 instruments, all playable polyphonic
    Real analog synthesis with MIDI controllable parameters
    16 encoders with 3 color LEDs
    Improved kick drum section with new amount of compression parameter
    Stereo mix with

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