Inside an MFB Synthesizer II

Pic of the circuit board via this auction

"MFB Synthesizer II AS IS for PARTS
Installed a new LM2940, Lm7808 and a 79L05 power regulators cant get unit to boot only 3 leds light.
Tried to replace the NE555P timer IC without luck as some of the pcb traces got damaged.
Device has a CA3046 filter chip on the main board maybe that could be of use to someone.
Comes will all as seen in the pics even

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  • longggg story, but a key on my synthesizer got chipped.
    a speaker fell on it and now half of the bottom of the key is broken off.
    (white key, not black.)
    is it possible to fix or replace this?
    replace is the only way i can imagine, but how?
    opening it up?
    i heard that if the battery is disconnected though, the whole sound board will be wiped?
    what is it connected to on the inside? (the keys, i mean)
    and where would i buy a replacement and how much do they cost?

    i might be able to just glue the parts back on (broke into 3 parts)


  • kb_cheapmods posted a photo:

    DH280 Inside Wireless MIDI On

    Here you can see the illuminated green power LED for the M-audio wireless MIDI board I installed. Was fairly straightforward, as the board can run off batteries, but also has a 9V dc power jack. I connected the switched battery 7.5V from the DH-280 to the 9V input on the wireless board. I also connected the MIDI out of the newly-transplanted DH-100 board to the MIDI input of the wireless board. When I turn on the DH-280, it auto-finds the companion M-audio receiver, plugged into a MIDI synth across the room.

  • hpsounds posted a photo:

    Working on the SMR-4 filter board

    This board carries also the power supply's parts (on the right part of the PCB, on this picture).
    Ref. N120102 Shruthi-1 16

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