Improvisation with Polymoog

Published on Jan 13, 2018

"Here some improvisation with the Polymoog. I bought the Polymoog 203A in the beginning of 2016 in a not working condition. Since then I replaced and fixed lots of components. Big thanks to Jareth for the occasional support. But last year I was stuck with the repairs because I could not get the 2 reference oscillators properly working. Thanks to Eric van Baaren (aka

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    "Classic Polymoog 203a (The fully programmable Polymoog version) in good working condition. I have owned this Polymoog for over 3 years and it has never given me any trouble. The guy I bought it from said he had it electronically refurbished and I think this is why this Polymoog is reliable. Serial number is well over 3000 which means it is one of the Polymoogs you want.

  • Published on Apr 6, 2017 synthpro

    "Hey Guys,

    Just felt like showing some of the polymoog 203a updates Im working on to give you the Vox Humana Preset including the fixed filter for the mix out of a 280a polymoog.

    Thanks for watching!


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