GR16! iOS Groovebox App Review Part A - First Look Z18

Published on Jan 8, 2018 VJ FRANZ K

"New music app! Do you want this? Have a look, and a listen to the Groove Rider 16 software 'groovebox', which is similar to the Electribes you'll often see me play on this channel. ( Please like, and subscribe? )
[ Sorry, the audio is slightly overloaded. I'm using a new mixer and camera! ]"

iTunes: Groove Rider GR-16 - Dmitrij Pavlov

"Groove Rider GR-16

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  • Published on Dec 16, 2017 jimpavloff

    "Soon will be available on the iTunes App Store!!!
    Groove Rider GR-16 : new synthesizer & step sequencer based groove box for iOS by JimAudio. Inspired by real professional drum machines and groove boxes. Sneak peak of the built in patterns and sounds."

  • I used to watch this show called kamen rider, and I apparently really liked some songs from it, and burned a cd. I've been looking through my old stuff and found the cd, listened to it, and found a song I really liked. Its in a minor key, starts with some cool drums and sick, very heavy guitar, than a girl starts singing in japanese, every time she finishes a phrase it echoes for a while, then the chorus has a lighter guitar and a synthesizer, after the chorus it goes back to what it soudned like in the begening, then repeats like that for a while. Plz help!!
    this song was NOT from any of the showa era kamen rider series (Kamen Rider through Kamen Rider Black RX), and was not from kamen rider Kuuga, Agito, 555, Blade, Hibiki, ooo, fourze, or wizard. I'm guessing by the style that it was not ryuuki, and its most likely from kiva, but might be kabuto, den-o, decade or w.

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