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Brian Green has put together a free sample pack (Mediafire link) of circuit-bent sounds from a Yamaha PSS-7:
I decided tonight that i would try to do some bending stuff with my pss-7 again since i have only messed with it once and never really did much, after awhile of messing around i found 3 contact points that would basically cause the unit to freak out in a different way every time.
The reason i call it the mystery bend is you never know what your going to get sometimes it will loop, other times it will be a Fx sound and it will fade all on its own other times it just does what ever it wants its a mystery, Hence the name.
After while of messing around with it i decided it would be a good idea to make some loops out of the glitches because i could not recreate the sounds it was making and i just decided to make a little sample pack which can be downloaded below.
Yamaha Pss7 - Mystery Bend Sample Pack - Download Here
Please Note: All samples in this pack are original and royalty-free, i just ask if you use them in something please send me a link to check out.
More example videos of the bent PSS-7 are available on Green’s site. Green is also looking for people interested in a circuit-bending collaboration.

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  • Prolific music hacker Brian Green is looking for benders and others interested in collaborative circuit bending projects:

    Ive been throwing this idea around for a few days, I really like the idea of social colaberations so i decided i would like to start one with circuit benders.
    The idea is im going to pick a toy and do something to it, and make 1-5 loops out of it using the mod made then i will then pick someone off the list and send it to them and they will do the same thing, so on and so on
    Then after we have been through everyone on the list the unit will come back to me and im going to make a big loop pack using everyones loops made durning the process and some other ones ill make running the unit through different things. The loop pack will then be posted for download.
    The reason the unit is coming back to me is so i can make a lot of one shots and just dig for sounds that were left out during the colab so that we can get every little sound out of it for the sample pack.
    After the loops are up i would like everyone who had the unit to make a track for a compilation.

    Sounds like it could be an interesting project. Contact Green via his site, if you are interested in participating.
    Check out Green’s YouTube channel, too, for examples of his creative circuit bending and audio hacking.

  • Click here to view the embedded video.
    Illuminated Sounds has been doing twisted things with children’s toys, and they’ve got a free sample library to prove it – James’ Circuit Bent Library:
    Here is a Collection of samples from a few of my own circuit bent toys. I’ve made a quick couple of videos that will show you the method of how I captured these samples. I edited them in Protools at 16bit 441khz as mono WAV files. Feel free to comment or request any more. Enjoy.
    See the Illuminated Sounds site for more video demos and the free download.

  • Ghosthack has released a free dubstep sample pack, Second Dubstep Sample Pack, which features: 6 Bassdrums 12 Basslines 3 DnB Loops 22 Drum Loops 6 FX Sounds 6 Glitch Sounds 6 Hats 23 Pads 5 Percussions 11 Snares/Claps Given the name, you might be wondering about the first dubstep sample pack. You can download it [...]

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