FOTN - Synth Jam Vol. 1

Published on Nov 30, 2017 DJ FOTN

"To close off the year I wanted to do something quite different to my usual DJ sets, so for episode 019 of my Sound Flight Sessions radio show / podcast I've recorded a live Synth Jam of interpretations of music that has inspired me over the years.

The set is in three rough sections, section one is inspired by the computer game music from my childhood that

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  • " live streaming New Years Eve 2009 floating concert.

    To listen, click here!. (on NYE, of course)

    We did it in 2006 and 2008 (I think we missed 2007) so why not do it again? Lets have an online international New Year's Eve party and electro-jam. Almost all cultures celebrate the January 1st New Year so this is sure not to offend too many people.

    A floating concert is like a floating crap game, it moves around from location to location.

    We will set up our shoutcast server to run all day Dec 31 through Jan 1. We'd like people in their studios to set up live streaming of performances, jam sessions, or any kind of musical expression for streaming. The members and lurkers can tune in and share the experience. Hopefully, we will get people volunteering from all over the world to sign up for a time slot. Pick a time convenient for you - it doesn't have to be Midnight in your time zone, but that would be cool.

    For those that haven't done live streaming, it is a lot easier than you might imagine. To do the streaming, all you need is a PC with Oddcast (now called Edcast), a free program. If you have a Mac, you can use the Nicecast program (free demo works for a month the last time we tried it) to stream.

    If you are are interested in participating, we'll set up a test server just for you to experiment on to make sure you can get it to work.

    Once you get your own server assignment, you can test stream all you want. When you time come up on New Years Eve, I will switch the server to reflect you server. You have nothing to do.

    If you are interested, please let us know sending me a PM (Private Message) by clicking on the PM button at the bottom of this message. We'll pass out times on a first come basis. I'll stream from my house at midnight Eastern US time. We'll have some electro-friends over to jam. Why don't you do the same? Don't worry about being polished and super professional, this is for fun. Hopefully, we can give some of our DIY synth builders a chance to have their music heard direct from their studios.

    It's party time... party time!
    All you need to know to start streaming is in the following links:

    Edcast (Oddcast) instructions posted:

    Mac OSX users are encouraged to use NiceCast which we have tested.

    In 2006 we were able to stream noodles when there was nobody streaming live.
    Hopefully we will be able to to this again,.

    During the event the streaming will be hosted here:"

    More info including the current line-up on this thread.

    Note Richard Lainhart is on the list with the Buchla 200e and Haken Continuum.

  • Click here to view the embedded video.
    Sunday Synth Jam: This improvisation, by Michael Daniels, is titled Vangelis’ Approach, inspired not just by Vangelis‘ sound, but also by his approach to recording:
    “approach” referring to Vangelis method of recording/composing/performing. First section is based on the track “horizon” , the second section is my own little comp. inspired by the first part.
    I read somewhere that Vangelis would improvise and record different pieces of music at nemo , then “stitch” them together in the recording process, knowing exactly what he wanted to achieve as the end result. He really is the master at it.
    Here I played live as much as possible, then added some extra little phrases after on a multitrack. A much more enjoyable way of making music than fiddling with a computer:)
    Remember Vangelis did not have midi when he recorded some of his most beautiful pieces of music. I hope this inspires anyone thinking of starting music production
    via mik300z

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