Ferro - In The Studio

Published on Jan 2, 2018 FACTmagazine

"An analog den.

Jasper Verrijzer is an Amsterdam club scene mainstay. Working as a resident DJ and A&R for go-to imprint VBX Records, while producing house and techno as Ferro for the past three years, he's certainly tuned into the city's dance music frequencies.

After filming his impressive session for Against The Clock in November, we took a tour of

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  • Published on Nov 28, 2017 FACTmagazine

    "Vintage synths, classic drum machines and a seriously impressive modular system.

    Known for releases on labels such as DJ Haus’ Unknown to the Unknown, 4 Lux, Soulfood and Patron Records, De Sluwe Vos has made a significant impact on the Amsterdam house and techno scene over the past few years. His spacious studio is located on the city's outskirts, in a

  • I find quite funny actually, how for years they've been trying to bring back club style music(house, dance, and trance). They started by gradually bringing dancier styled synthesizers, finally they threw away hip hop rhythms and brought in 4 on the floor beat (dance synths+hip hop percussion phase was just hilarious). And finally they brought people like guetta in to the sphere of pop to where the american music scene is now today. Sure i agree its a change for the better, but why did the industry ultimately choose to?(the american people populus will eat and buy whatevers fed to them).

    Also i hate how the industry refuses to put the names of any producers behind the songs apart from guetta, it really pisses me off.

    Also i cant wait for the day a dance song without vocals is finally on the radio, for now the try to keep these retarded vocalists such as black eyed peas and kesha on these tracks(completely ruining them).

  • I need help finding a techno/dance/house/electric song. It is a sung by a woman whose voice may have been raised in pitch with a synthesizer. The song has a very synthesized dance club sound. It has a fast beat. I couldn't make out all of the lyrics from where I was, but it sounded like the woman was saying something like "linden trees blowing in the breeze" and/or "summer breeze/days." I'm sorry I can't give more description of the lyrics. It is a newer song. It probably came out within the last 10 years. It sounds sort of like Cascada or Smile.dk, more similar to the latter, I think. PLEASE HELP! Thanks!

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