Virtuasonic Updates Synthesthesia

Virtuasonic has updated Synesthesia with a new interactive list that will help you to browse thru the entire collection of impulse responses to find the one you are looking for in an easier way.

Similar Synth Items

  • This collection was previously available only in WAV format and contains over 1,000 experimental impulse responses designed to turn any convolution engine into a powerful multi-FX processor.

  • Livid, the dudes behind the Tactic VJ controller and the insane RGB guitar, has introduced respond-r, an interactive video system that creates immersive multimedia experiences through responsive physical interaction and audience participation.

  • At PLASA 06, Formula Sound will be unveiling its new FF-4000 4-channel dj mixer, and will display the brand new AVC2D intelligent level control unit and the recently introduced PM-80R 8-channel mixer.

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