Big Fish Goes to Hip Hop City

Big Fish Audio has introduced Hip Hop City, a new collection of Old & Nu-School Hip Hop construction kits.

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  • At PLASA 06, Formula Sound will be unveiling its new FF-4000 4-channel dj mixer, and will display the brand new AVC2D intelligent level control unit and the recently introduced PM-80R 8-channel mixer.

  • Rave is a movie, from 2001, that tells the story of 6 LA kids that end up at a rave.
    Here’s how the producers describe it:
    A Rave is a Rhythmic Assault mixed with Visual Ecstasy and if you haven’t experienced one, you’re about to… It’s Saturday night in Los Angeles and 6 teenagers throughout the city are in search of the hottest Rave in the city– it’s the weekend and they’re ready to PARTY.
    Over the course of less than one day, we see a portrait of these kids finding their way; their paths crossing in a universal setting…a big city with all the temptations, attractions and dangers.
    Unfortunately, Rave is a craptacularly bad waste of film.
    The movie fails to capture the attraction of electronic dance music and it fails to tell a compelling, believable story.
    Here’s my plot summary:
    A bunch of kids decide on impulse to go to a rave.
    They all end up either: dead, mutilated, or traumatized for life.

      Rave is just spectacularly awful, a heavy-handed anti-rave morality tale, devoid of even the cheesy appeal of something like Reefer Madness.
      If you see this on DVD, it would make an excellent addition to your coaster collection.

    • Livid, the dudes behind the Tactic VJ controller and the insane RGB guitar, has introduced respond-r, an interactive video system that creates immersive multimedia experiences through responsive physical interaction and audience participation.

    Treat Yourself :)