SIMMONS SDS1 SDS9 sound EPROM collection

via this auction"Set of four different Drum EPROMs for Simmons Drums. All 4 of these are various snare sounds. Wood Snare, Tight Snare, Gunshot Snare, and Rock Snare. These beautiful old 8 bit sound proms will work in any SDS1 or SDS9. These were NOT simply copied from analog sounds using a Simmons SDS EPB Sampler or Prommer.... they are true digital!"

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  • via this auction"Simmons SDS-1 drum synth, 40 EPROMs in 4 protective EPROM cases with non-conductive foam, a copy of the original SDS1 owner’s guide, a rare mounting overlay (used for positioning the controls above the drum instead of below), and a new 6v power adapter.Simmons SDS EPROMs included in this auction:-606 Snare-808 Cowbell-808 Clap-808 Rim-808 Snare-808 Tom-909 Hand Clap-909 Rim Shot-

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    "Simmons SDS9 Classic 80s Vintage DRUM Synth with MIDI (no pads) BRAIN Only. The Simmons SDS9 is a 6 voice drum synth: analog bass, digital snare, digital rim-shot A/B, and three analog toms. The digital voices uses 8k or 16k EPROMs with analog filters. The drum synth can be triggered by connecting external drum pad triggers (drum pads not included) or via any external trigger

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    "The EPROMS are: wood snare, tight snare, rock snare, gun shot snare, hand clap 2, breaking glass, bright tom, timbale 2, and bass riff. The bass riff EPROM is pretty interesting, it plays different bass guitar riffs depending where and how hard you hit the pad... Here is a link to the user guide for the SDS-1 i would suggest you check it out to see what this unit is capable of: [link to pdf]"

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