Sequential Circuits MultiTrak Battery Leak Fix

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    Sequential Circuits Multitrak

    The Multitrak is not the world's most celebrated synths. Minimoogs, Prophets, and the Jupiter 8 retain that illustrious crown. That said, the Sequential Circuits Multitrak is a very underrated and powerful synthesizer. And, despite the lack of dedicated program and editing buttons (the whole synth is based around a single data knob) we're finally learning to really leverage this expressive machine. Fat basses, thick pads, we're impressed. Check 'em out, there hundreds below the price of comparable and more popular vintage synths- you'll be glad you did.

  • Title link takes you to shtos via this auction."he Sequential Split 8 is Japanese produced analog synth marketed by Sequential Circuits. It is very similar in voice architecture and sound to the MultiTrak and SixTrak. All of these synths as well as the Akai AX 60 use one Curtis SENTE (CEM 3394) chip per voice. The Split 8 has eight voices where as the others mentioned above only have 6. The

  • via this auction"Sequential Circuits Multitrak. I have replaced the battery and also did the battery drain fix modification so that the new battery will last 7 years instead of 3 months, you can see the picture of the battery mod i did. It is a common problem on most multitrak's the battery drains in less than 3 months. I also got a brand new custom made power supply built for the multitrak.

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