Plan B Model 12 Mk II Samples

Remember the Plan B Model 12 Mk II? Title link takes you to the Model 12 product page with samples. Via Peter Grenader of Plan B:"I've uploaded a sample of the Model 12 Mark 2 filter enhancement to theear-group.NET site. Go here: linkScroll down to Sound Samples, click on the two links listed in the sectionlabeled;Q LOW - Q HIGH SAMPLES***A description of the patch and process can be

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  • Title link takes you to a Plan B Model 15 page on Note Buzzclick is Peter's personal site, while EAR is the official site for the Plan B modular product line. The page on Buzzclick loads with an interesting sample of the VCO - best in stereo. You'll find tons of info and samples of the module. BTW, this is clearly an older page for the module.

  • "The Plan B Model 11 has been released with shipments beginning in the second week of September. The official product page is up and includes a full product description, specs, photos along with more sound samples." Title link takes you there. Also see this post for an excellent demo by REwire.

  • via Peter Grenader of PLAN B

    "The pricing of the ELF products have been finalized:

    Model 23 Analog Shift Register: $165
    Model 36 Leveler: $60
    Model 37 LFO: $160
    Model 38 ADSR: $130
    Model 38A ADSR Expander: $55
    Model 39 Wave Splicer: $100
    Model 40 Headphone Preamp: $75

    They will be shipping in late June, possibly early July depending on
    the ramp-up time of the first production lot.

    The Plan B site will be updated to include product pages for the ELF
    series within the next w

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