Korg VCF

Trip. Never seen one of these before. Title link takes you to a new info page on the Korg VCF on sequencer.de. Note how the controls look similar to the Minikorg 700s.

Similar Synth Items

  • Title link takes you to a slew of synth shots from Andrew Dean, including some rare items. The gear list is pretty long so hop over to see based on the titles. You'll find a ton of PPG including the Waveterm and EVU (Expansion Voice Unit - the sequencer looking thing in the shot below), various Simmons drum machines, the Yamaha CS30L (below), and more.
  • Title link takes you to more images via MM who restored this particular KORG PS-3100. You can see a before and after shots after the hop.
  • Title link takes you to Sealed's new Roland U-110 page with info and samples. It sounds a bit like a Korg Wavestation to me.

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