Gearwire Explores the Moog Little Phatty

YouTube via gearwire. Sent my way via frederic. Gearwire.

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  • YouTube via gearwire. Via Music Thing. Tom of Music Thing says Gearwire is like Wayne's World for synths. I didn't make that connection until now. Funny! : ) You can see more of their videos here. You be the judge. Regardless, good stuff. Here's the Vocoder video they refer to.

  • Title link takes you to the latest Crosstalk on Gearwire where you'll find various play options and the playlist. The Moog Little Phatty comes in at 27:33. Also featured: Maudio's NRV-10, Universal Audio's DCS Remote Preamp, Native Instruments Audio Kontrol 1, and Native Instruments Massive.

  • YouTube via gearwire
    "Gearwire's Bill Holland takes the Cakewalk Z3ta+1 synthesizer to Gearwire studio for a good oscillating. "Blue Monday" makes its return, and just starting to examine the oscillato-arpeggiatory features of the Z3ta+1 has it sounding more mangled than the line sounded at any point in his Rapture LE tweakings.

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