ARP Avatar and More

images via this auction.Be sure to check out the seller's other auctions for much more - tons of rare items.

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  • In case you missed the update to the ARP Avatar post I previously put up, title link takes you to page on Audio Playground where you can listen to this flexi-disk of the ARP Avatar. BTW, do check out the museum for more. Scroll down when you get there to get to the links. There's a collection of flash based vintage drum machines, tons of images and more flexi-disks. via Andre.

  • Just a heads up, I am now including UK auctions. Definitely some interesting items coming up.
    This also applies to MATRIXSYNTH-B as well, so be sure to check it out.

  • No title link, just two shots via this auction.Also check out the seller's other auctions

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