Espen Kraft hardware vs software SYNTH SHOWDOWN!

Published on Apr 14, 2018 Woody Piano Shack

Comparison starts at 5:49. Look at the level meters on the right to see which is playing.

"Here's the result of the hardware versus software synthesizer showdown! in this video I'll share the track created using just free software VST plugins and Reaper DAW.

To recap, Espen Kraft composed and created a track on his vintage hardware synthesizers and

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    "Woody from the excellent channel "Woody Piano Shack" has thrown down the gauntlet! He's challenged me to make an original piece of music using my old hardware synths from the 80s which he will then try to recreate using software and emulations. In the box.

    As I gladly accept these kinds of challenges, I've cooked up a track I think he'll enjoy recreating.

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