DUAL CIRCADIAN RHYTHMS MUSIC from Station 252 on Vimeo.

"The same patch as in the previous video. I wanted to give it another try. Confirmed my observations and got some ideas on how to improve it. The final patch will be revealed in the next video along with full and detailed patch notes."

Follow-up to this post.

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    "this is the final version of my big live patch. before going into the patch details I just wanted to say that this patch turned out to be an overkill for live use but ironically was great to play in the studio. Its just way too complex for being playable live, so I'm going to slim it down, patch research will follow in the form of short

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    "Dual Circadian Rhythms. This is a modified version of the patch from the previous two videos. With a second CR I have enough trigger outs for my intended live system. In this version I changed some of the clock channels and distribution, modified the patch quite a bit actually. The patch is not even complete as I run out of long

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    "The second run of the same patch (as in this video: [here] but with different samples on the four ONEs) with a second Tiptop Audio Circadian Rhythms in the system.

    Playing with three regular Tiptop ONEs and one TG-ONE, Tiptop 808 and 909 drum modules

    CIrcadians sequence

    Tiptop ONE #1

    Tiptop ONE #2

    Tiptop ONE #3

    Clock for the

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