Dual Algorithmic Oscillator - atonal meta demo

Dual Algorithmic Oscillator - atonal meta demo from Grayscale on Vimeo.

"A dual digital oscillator for Buchla-format modular synthesizers, based on Braids by Mutable Instruments. See http://grayscale.info for details."

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  • Published on Sep 15, 2017 djangosfire

    "Patch testing a beautiful 'Dual Algorithmic Oscillator' prototype that Grayscale Modular sent me to try out - essentially two Mutable Instruments 'Braids' in one panel.

    Wish I had more time to dig in… but WOW!! This is a PERFECT addition to a Buchla 200e/200r system.

    Can’t wait to get one of these for my system…. absolutely incredible - and IMHO a great

  • Published on Dec 30, 2017

    "'Melodic Slurs' Buchla 200e and DAO improv.

    Main VCO is the new Grayscale DAO "Dual Algorithmic Oscillator" - a Buchla format module build and sold by Grayscale:


    More exploration! Actually, I was just enjoying the tone of one of the SYNC setting for one of teh 2x VCO's! - The main sequence is from the 250e in a sort of "quantizer"

  • sduck409 posted a photo:

    Dual Digital Oscillator front

    Here's my build of the Dual Digital Oscillator, blacked out version. PCB is from Lazerkind/PT-Audio.

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