DU BOUT DES DOIGTS (interview) - thérémine et ombromanie

Published on Feb 9, 2018 Therminal C I C Ehinger

"Sans rien toucher, leurs mains créent des sons et des images dans l’espace. DU BOUT DES DOIGTS est un projet hybride entre concert, spectacle et performance, autour de deux arts atypiques et méconnus : l’ombromanie et le thérémine. Deux mots aux consonances assez proches ; deux arts qui possèdent une même approche : ne rien toucher, laisser les

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  • Fuckin' you know what one part that sounds like Skull Kid from Majora's Mask? Might just be characteristic of the performance I happened upon this morning, but... those synthesizers oscillate for a second, then that individual vacillation is never to be heard from again. Probably. I don't understand how the synthesizers are supposed to be arranged or anything like that. Far, far too complex for an anti-sophisticate like myself. I just like the beeps and the little percussive errrr needlecraft and the pianos that suppositionally go "bang" really loud. If Varese is Chardonnay, then Stockhausen is Verdicchio. See because Varese sort of plays with yr sensory faculties with a little more forbearance than Stockhausen, who's just kind of bitter and vinegary at first although you acquire a taste for it, you dig? I know y'do.

    Anyway it's perfect background noise (or something to ingest unthinkingly, YOU DIG????)

    BQ: Kaworu = best plot device ever. Agreed?
    BQ2: How do you feel about John Cage's piano sonatas? I think they're neato
    BQ3: I'm actually not intoxicated this beforelunch; the clock just lovingly stroked eight, and I'm a little hungover, but far from 'intoxicated.' How bout you?
    BQ4: No. 1 in Heaven by Sparks is a really good album that everybody should listen to right now. Got it?
    as an addendum:
    Gesang Der Juenglinge is even better than Kontakte. Ch-reist.
    Oh gosh. *A* spectacle to behold, not *an* spectacle to behold. Maybe I am drunk.
    will somebody please just answer this question

  • Published on Feb 6, 2013
    Ceci me sers de test pour avancer sur mon projet d'album qui sortira cette année.
    Pour le moment je travaille sur la configuration de mes machines donc rien de précis pour l'instant.
    Je cherche à retrouver mes anciennes configurations que j'avais dans mon ancien studio afin de finaliser l'ensemble de mon travail.
    Chose pas toujours facile, mais avec le courage je retrouve

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