Doepfer DARK TIME & Korg ARP Odyssey

Published on Nov 14, 2017 Rob Welt

"quick demo of my DOEPFER DARK TIME ANALOG SEQUENCER with Korg ARP Odyssey (First Row, via MIDI, Melody) and Moog Mother 32 (Second Row, via GATE, Noise). The Korg MS20 mini is only used as Keyboard Controller for CV. DARK TIME IS FOR SALE ON EBAY"

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  • Here’s a demo of the Doepfer Dark Time step sequencer, from Musikmesse 2011. The Doepfer Dark Time is an analog sequencer, designed as an add-on for the Dark Energy synthesizer, but also to be used with other MIDI, USB or CV/gate equipment. While the Dark Time step sequencer has been out a while, this video, [...]

  • Here’s a preview of the Doepfer Dark Time Sequencer – a new step sequencer from Doepfer, styled to match the Dark Energy analog synthesizer.
    No official announcement is out on this yet but it looks like it’s a reversable step sequencer that can operate as 2 x 8 or 1 x 16, with a built in quantizer.
    Large image here.

  • 2010 NAMM Show: Doepfer has announced the Dark Time step sequencer, a 16 step sequencer, styled to match their Doepfer Dark Energy synthesizer:
    This sequencer is not shown at NAMM as we could not finish the prototype in time. In the first place it is planned as an analog sequencer for DARK ENERGY (same design and dimensions) but can be used in combination with other devices too.
    It features 16 steps with on/off, skip, reset and stop switches for each step. Different modes are are available: 16 steps, 2 x 8 steps and different repetition modes. It has available CV/Gate outputs, Midi and USB. It is equipped with an internal clock oscillator but can be synced to Midi clock as well.
    Features like transpose, direction (forward/backward/random), quantize on/off and ranges switches are planned.
    Date of Delivery: ~ spring/summer 2010 Price: ~ Euro 400.00

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