DIY 1125 Sample & Hold Build... Complete...!

Published on Jan 6, 2018 noddyspuncture

"My DIY sample & hold module - a Moog 1125 clone with some custom 'extras' - is now complete..! Here is a video I made of it - hooked up to one of my Minimoog's (the one I bought from 10cc) - before it takes it's place inside my Modular...!"

The Moog 1125 was actually a little desktop strip module as you can see here. This is a Moog 5U format port.

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  • via this auction

    "What you see here is the extremely rare Moog 1125 Sample and Hold Controller. It does not generate sound on its own, it is designed to control specific vintage Moog synthesizers with the Cinch Jones Accessory Port --- Minimoog Model D, Micromoog, Multimoog, Polymoog, Sonic Six, and I believe the Moog Modular as well. As you can see this is in very good physical condition,

  • click here for the full size shot on Aliens-Project.via

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