Depeche Mode in a Stupid French show

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  • YouTube via AbletonInc
    "Kerry Hopwood is the Live Programmer/Musical Director for Depeche Mode. When it comes to staging a live DM show, theres no cutting corners. Kerry puts it simply: We need to use tools that work. In concert, Kerry and Depeche Mode rely on Ableton Live as an integral component of shaping the bands drum sound. In this movie, shot at a concert in Berlins Olympiastadion, Kerry discusses the advantages that Live offers for on-stage sound processing."

  • YouTube via Turrican101
    "Alan Wilder (Depeche Mode 1982-1995 Keyboarder) demonstrates the use of the Emulator II (French TV, around 1986)"
    Note this was previously posted on January 17, 2006 here. click here for more Alan Wilder posts and here for more Depeche Mode posts.

  • YouTube via DX5
    "Me playing Depeche Mode "Stories of Old" (bare version)"
    "'Stories of Old' cover (Bare version, not original)
    I will be back on full instrument versions soon.

    Upper: Roland JX8P
    Mid: Emu EMAX II HD
    Lower: Kurzweil PC1x

    Composed by Martin L. Gore"

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