Delta CEP A - EG release time meets oscillator pitch quantizer

Published on Jan 17, 2018 Jörg Schaaf

"The LFO triggers the Envelope Generator and the Output of the Envelope Generator controls the tuning of the Oscillator. However - I activated the pitch quantizer function and set it to a pentatonic scale. Later I switch the scale from minor to major."

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  • images via this auction"This is a cool quantizer with the usual scales (major, minor) and a mode where you can enter your own scale. Has some nice trigger in/out features and 2 summed voltage inputs. This is cool because it allows you to run your V/Oct into one input to track keyboard, sequencer, etc and occasionally whack the second input with an envelope generator for some scale-swept pitch

  • Published on Feb 18, 2018 Jörg Schaaf

    Jörg Schaaf of Radikal Technologies.

    "In this little sequencer example I am using the pitch quantizer of the Delta CEP A and the Swarm oscillator to modify multiple sequences just by changing the scaling of the sequencer control voltages. As I selected the same pentatonic scale for both quantizers, the resulting sequences always match and create endless

  • "I am using the following modules for this example:
    RT-311 Swarm Oscillator
    RT-451 Dual Multimode Filter
    A-147 VCLFO
    The soundcraft signature MTK22 mixing desk internal FXs tape delay and room reverb.

    The pitch input of the oscillator has a scale quantizer. The Scale Quantizer allows for converting a continuous control voltage into a music scale"

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