Dead Moog Satellite Upcycled Synth DIY

Published on Dec 30, 2017 Gregory Stephens

"Moog Satellite - all sorts of wiring and power issues, few bad ICs, but did get a few 3080s. Then Converted it to a v/o controller with a CV, GATE and SAW output."

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  • echoplex posted a photo:

    Moog Satellite 064

    This mod allows you to create your own voice with the Moog Satellite Synthesizer, rather like the the Hammond B-3 organ, which has both preset sounds and drawbars for creating your own sound.

    The Moog Satellite has (weak) presets, but with the SPUTNIK Moog Satellite programmer the sound from this synth is at your control. With these you can bring out the true Moog sounds hidden inside this synthesizer.

    SPUTNIK gives the musician 12 additional controls for sculpting sound within the original architecture of the Moog Satellite synthesizer.

    Hear some of the possibilities. These sound samples were recorded direct to hard disk, without any processing or EQ.

  • ds23pallas posted a photo:

    Moog Satellite Synth

    At MIT Museum, Cambridge, MA

  • echoplex posted a photo:

    Moog Satellite 056

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