Dave Brown Computer Voltage Source CVS MOTM Format

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"Dave Brown DJB - Computer Voltage Source (CVS) Synth Module
MOTM Format 5U Synthesis Technologies

8 channel voltage source module with the AtomPro28 processor.
Information and programs for this module can be found on modularsynthesis.com, it currently has the Super Sequencer program installed.

Uses the RS-232 cable to cpu to switch programs (cable included). Not sure if

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  • "This page describes the my Beta evaluation of a prototype MOTM-730 module.

    I received the prototype from Paul and set it on my ARP sequencer with a 6 pin power cable into my top cabinet. I am using a PowerOne HCAA-60W-A power supply with a MOTM-990 distribution board. The MOTM-730 had a lot more jacks than I was expecting with a total of 11 for the divider outputs and 3 for inputs. There are also 2 potentiometers, three switches, a jumper strap, and the 3 digit LED display."

  • images via this auction"It was professionally built in MOTM format by Scott at Bridechamber.com. Besides building it in MOTM format, he also adds some cool extras like optic cells.Check out the manufacturer's page for this module."

  • Click here to view the embedded video.
    This is a series of video tutorials for the Synth Tech MOTM-650 MIDI-CV converter module.
    The MOTM-650 provides the means to control analog voltage controlled synthesizers with MIDI devices such as keyboards, drum machines and computers.
    In the videos, Paul Schreiber, founder of Synthesis Technology and creator of the MOTM format, explains the features and operation of the MOTM-650.
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