Creator Vladimir Kuzmin On His Maestro and VS34 Synthesizers

MaestroVS34(English) Published on Mar 4, 2018 vladimir kuzmin

"The story about Maestro synthesizer and VS34 vocal synthesizer."

You can find all parts in Vladimir Kuzmin's series of videos here.

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    "Piano-strings Kvintet. The story told by its inventor Vladimir Kuzmin."

    Note the timbre presets are only Brass, Organ, Piano, and Harpsichord. Additional timbres are created by applying the effects section. Strings are created by adding chorus.

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    "Overview of all instruments designed by Vladimir and Olimpiada Kuzmin."

    This one in via Soviet Space Child.

    In the following video Vladimir Kuzmin goes over the Polivoks based modules by Industrial Music Electronics (formerly the Harvestman). It's in Russian, however you can enabled CC for your language via the player controls for the video.

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    "Description of the Polivoks in English.."

    Follow-up to Polivoks Soviet Synth Designer Vladimir Kuzmin Gives an Overview of His Synths.

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