Craig Padilla & Mattson Mini Modular "Challenger Deep"

Published on Jun 5, 2014 Craig Padilla TVĀ·25 videos

"This was shot while I was recording the song 'Challenger Deep' in my home studio in September, 2013. It was created using ONLY a custom Mattson Mini Modular synthesizer and Mattson/Division 6 Sequencer running through a Roland Space Echo unit. This song is available on my very limited edition double colored vinyl LP 'SONAR' released on FRUITS

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  • Published on Aug 22, 2015 Craig Padilla

    "This is the first recording of music with this huge modular synthesizer by Craig Padilla. The combination of the Division 6 Sequencers and the Synthrotek MST Oscillators make a very beautiful sound!! This synth was custom built for Padilla by George Mattson.

    For more modular synth info:"

  • via Craig Padilla on Facebook:

    "A couple years ago on the day after Thanksgiving, I recorded a piece of music created entirely on The Mattson Mini Modular Synthesizer with the assistance of master synth creator George C Mattson and his brother Gregg Mattson. The song, 'Black Friday', makes its radio airplay debut tomorrow on Bruce Gall's Sunday Synth program at . Check it

  • Craig Padilla and some Mattson Mini Modularvia George C Mattson's Photos Side note: the bottom right system is mine - Production Prototype 1 with a few modules added on.

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