CONTROL Demystifying Maths 101 Set for February 23 in New York


"Control is pleased to present "Demystifying Maths 101," an introductory intensive on the Make Noise Maths lead by Martin Doudoroff.Are you baffled by or afraid of Maths? Is Maths just sitting in your rack, neglected? Or are you just curious what the fuss is about? We’ll straighten all that out for you in this introductory workshop on one of the most versatile tools in Eurorack.

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  • Make Noise Maths V2 (2013) Delay from joseph fraioli on Vimeo.

    "a simple way to use the make noise maths v2 (2013) as a delay. PATCH: • shut cycle off on both channels of maths • mult your trigger source into trigger in of CH1 on maths and strike of optomix CH1 • maths CH1 output to maths CH4 cycle input as well as optomix CH1 control in. • maths CH4 out to optomix ch2 strike input • signal

  • Mr. Biggs posted a photo:

    maths and friends

    my Maths arrived yesterday, filling in the last big hole of my modular synth system. So I took pictures.

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    Maths as a Clock Divider

    This patch utilizes the Make Noise Maths slew capabilities in a rhythmic and helpful way. The Maths on the right is just providing clocks which are patched into the Trigger inputs of Channel 1 and 4 of the Maths on the left. If the Rise amount makes the envelope longer than the next Trigger, it won't

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