Capacitance: An Oberheim OBXA Love Letter

Published on Dec 6, 2017 Dudadius

"I’m a child of the 80’s and the Oberheim synths were always a favorite. From the Police to Van Halen, it held a mythical place in my musical mind. A few years ago I stumbled on an OBXA for a really great price. It was more or less functional, but needed some love.

I installed a Kenton midi kit early on, but then the project sat dormant for a few years. I did

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  • YouTube via magevers"Me playing a simple song, without the use of a sequencer, on the fat "jump" Oberheim OBXa. The OBXa was played in split mode. This recording was made with a small pocket camera."

  • YouTube via magevers."The fat "jump" Oberheim OBXa, the JUNO 60 and the small but also great sounding SH 101 together. I have used the sequencer of the SH 101 and the arpeggio of the JUNO 60. They were triggered by the TR 606. The OBXa was played in unison(mono) mode. This recording was made with a small pocket camera."

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