BugBrand Chirper

Published on Jan 12, 2018 BugBrand

An overview of Chirper.
Two cross-coupled VC-Oscillators and a VC-Filter.
A simple setup holding diverse sonic surprises.
More info (soon) on www.bugbrand.co.uk

The Chirper was actually first featured here.

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  • You might remember the video of Chirper posted here. Full details are now in:

    "Chirper is a semi-modular arrangement of two oscillators and one filter - a simple setup which belies the rich sonic surprises contained within. It is a direct continuation of Molnet, which itself was something of a reaction to my long-evolving Weevil works - after 10+ years I was feeling the call for new pastures

  • YouTube via BugBrand.Here's the new PostcardWeevil!Three lofi oscillators ring-modulated together with power starvation, body contacts, line-out and MiniAmp for a hyper-portable sonic world measuring just 7 x 8cm!Check www.bugbrand.co.uk for more details."

  • Published on Jan 16, 2018 BugBrand

    "My current personal setup for live play - a mix of production and prototype BugBrand bits:::

    Sound Sources: Chirper, DRM2 (x2)
    Audio/Effects: COFilter, PTDelay, 5x5Matrix, StereoCompress (+Eventide Space)
    Events: DDSR, Clock Dividers, Dual VC Envelope

    Live as it happens!
    Direct desk sound recording - use proper speakers!
    (Balls - it goes out of sync around

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