Blue Roland SH-101

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"Famous ROLAND monophonic synthesizer in Blue color

It is pretty rare to find in this condition

NO scratch on the panel

The synth is fully working and without any problem"

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  • via Ken MacBeth:"Hi Matrix! ...well to continue with the custom panel thread- a prolific german client asked to have 2 M5N synths built for him- but with a special blue color that I ordered in- this color was swatched against the color type of the very first ARP 2600s. We discussed whether or not they originals were called 'blue meanies' or 'blue marvins' - maybe the viewers of the matrix synth

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    Anyone know the counts between blue and red SH-101s or which is more rare? I often hear the blue is the rarest, but I see more blue than red SH-101s come up for sale.

    "BLUE Vintage ROLAND SH-101 Analog Synthesizer perfect working w/adapter, mod grip, strap, screws: sh101
    Awesome SH-101 in the rarest of specialty factory issued colors. Perfect working order, not a single issue

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    "1983 Roland SH-101 Mono Synth in RARE BLUE! These are getting increasingly hard to find, and this one has been fully serviced and in perfect working order. The sequencer is a stone cold classic and the arpeggiator is great."

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