Assembled Circuit Boards for Google's NSynth Super

For those interested, see the update just below the video in today's post on the NSynth Super here. Auxren will be getting some with all SMD parts assembled for anyone interested.

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  • You can find the order form on Auxren's website here. Note the order is for the PCBs only, not the case as pictured. A Koryo Williamson said he will post STEP and STL files for the cases. See this post for additional details on Google's NSynth Super.

  • Published on Mar 13, 2018 Google
    Making music with NSynth Super
    Making music using new sounds generated with machine learning

    Don't miss the second video in the playlist above featuring Robotspeak. NSynth was first mentioned in this post with Andrew Huang.

    "London-based producer Hector Plimmer, explores new sounds generated by the NSynth machine learning algorithm - using NSynth Super an open

  • de'fchild posted a photo:


    thingamaKIT. Including the speaker wired to the back cover. The wrench has swallowed the knob!

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