Arp Avatar

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"This Avatar is fully functional and in very good condition."

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  • YouTube via 123synthland. Up for auction here."We deal in vintage synthesizers, but you already know that. :) Here's the ARP Avatar we've currently got up for sale. The Avatar is essentially a keyboard-less version of the ARP Odyssey that was designed to be played by either a guitar or a CV Gate instrument like an old vintage keyboard with 1 volt per octave and gate outputs or an analog

  • Matrixsynth posted a photo:

    ARP Avatar


  • via this auction"The Arp Avatar is a synthesizer that lets the guitar player achieve a range of timbres and textures never before attainable on the electric guitar. The Avatar produces string, brass, reed and percussive instrument sounds, wind, rain, explosions, and other startling sound effects; stagerattling bass and super-synthesizer lead solos; plus dramatic combinations ofstraight or

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