AniModule Valentines Day for the Synth Lover - Integrate MPC 1000 with Modular Synth

Published on Feb 14, 2016 JRock17991's channel

Integrating an MPC 1000 and a Miniak with my Modular synth via CV - Midi Converter and effecting audio out from the MPC with the Modular.
Nice to have'em all tied together playing nice :)
Check out our modules!!!"

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    "Running Miniak Audio through an AniModule SOB BandPass.
    Line to Synth level with TrAniModule Line_In then control the AnVilope with the gate out from a MIDI-CV converter triggered by the Miniak / MPC1000 MIDI channel Notepress.
    Check out our modules at:"

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    "AniModule and MPC1000 with the MIDI-CV hooked up as a Pad-Gate trigger. Live Modular Synth Percussion over Miniak Bassline + sprinkle a little sampled drums on top. A powerful way to integrate your Modular with your realtime Midi Rig instead of sampling and chopping a piece here and there. Realtime interfacing and

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    "Check out our modules at:
    Integrating a Modular synth in realtime to a traditional Pop / Rock Architecture songwriting workflow. A lot of demos show a self contained patches and often a progressive / unconventional genre of music. I was working on a song and integrating my AniModule eurorack in realtime (without sampling

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