Analogue Solutions Leipzig-sk // MODULATION

Published on Apr 16, 2018 se7ense7

"Uninterrupted knob-turning"

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  • Here’s a brief first look at the new Analogue Solutions Leipzig-s analog synthesizer. Here’s what they have to say about the Leipzig-S: This beast of a synth represents the latest in Analogue Solutions’ Leipzig line and incorporates a vast number of new features, most notably the 8-step on-board sequencer which can be synced and controlled [...]

  • Analogue Solutions Leipzig on EbayYouTube via ASUKLTD — November 28, 2009 — "Analogue Solutions Leipzig keyboard - one fingured demo" Analogue Solutions Leipzig-k, all analogue voice circuits "ASUKLTD — November 28, 2009 — Analogue Solutions Leipzig-k, all analogue voice and modulation circuits" Analogue Solutions Leipzig-k, again. Analogue Solutions Leipzig-k, knob twiddling

  • Image of the Leipzig in the flesh via Analog Solutions. You might remember the Leipzig from this post with specs. You can find the manual here. click the image for a larger shot.

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