AI Synthesis AI004 OTA MS-20-filter clone Full How to Build Video

Published on Jan 10, 2018 AI Synthesis

"A video showing every step of building the AI004 OTA Filter Eurorack MS-20 Filter clone."

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    "A really rough mid-recording preview of the AI004. Note that because I was recording, there is some compression, delay, and reverb on the synth audio. I was recording for the new force damage album and thought I would take a break to quickly record the new AI004 Eurorack DIY Filter from This is a candid, off the cuff recording so the mic

  • Befaco has announced the BF 20V – a new clone of the Korg MS-20 filter for modular synths. Two weeks ago, at our workshop in Barcelona, we started assembling the first units of our latest module: a very faithful replica of the legendary LP/HP filter of the MS 20. The most demanding part of the [...]

  • images via this auctionPost-lawsuit Lowpass Filter"This filter is not a clone of the ARP 4072 submodule. It does, however, have an identical topology with the same transistors and operational amplifier array. Some people may find this is close enough to use the "C" word but not here at STG Soundlabs, so in tribute to the origin of this filter design it is called the Post-Lawsuit Lowpass Filter

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