AI Synthesis AI004 OTA MS-20-filter clone Full How to Build Video

Published on Jan 10, 2018 AI Synthesis

"A video showing every step of building the AI004 OTA Filter Eurorack MS-20 Filter clone."

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  • See the video posted here.

    "Portland, OR, USA March 12, 2018 – AI Synthesis has released its fourth module, the AI004 OTA Filter, a loving tribute to the late MS-20 filter design. Following the tradition of the first three eurorack modules, the AI001 Multiple,AI002 Mixer, and AI003 Looping ADSR, the module has a full how-to build guide, and is available as a fully built module, full kit, as a

  • Published on Jan 1, 2018 AI Synthesis

    "A really rough mid-recording preview of the AI004. Note that because I was recording, there is some compression, delay, and reverb on the synth audio. I was recording for the new force damage album and thought I would take a break to quickly record the new AI004 Eurorack DIY Filter from This is a candid, off the cuff recording so the mic

  • Befaco has announced the BF 20V – a new clone of the Korg MS-20 filter for modular synths. Two weeks ago, at our workshop in Barcelona, we started assembling the first units of our latest module: a very faithful replica of the legendary LP/HP filter of the MS 20. The most demanding part of the [...]

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