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Published on Jan 4, 2018 DiscoverNoise

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5U 023-

Taking a look at the functions and possibilies of the Synthesizers.com Q124 Multiples module in 5U (MU) format.

Synthesizers.com Q124 Multiples: https://www.synthesizers.com/q124.html

Patchsheet: https://c.1und1.de/@52017706996807114..."

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    "Custom Synthesizers.com 9 piece system in excellent shape and perfect working order. This system, built in 2008, has lived it's entire life in a smoke-free studio. The modules include:

    1 - Q104 MIDI Interface
    2- Q106 Oscillator
    1 - Q124 Multiples
    1 - Q112 4 - Channel Mixer
    1 - Q150 Transistor Ladder Filter (Moog Filter)
    2 - Q109 Envelope Generator
    1 - Q108 Amplifier
    1 - QPS2

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